Customer Service
Innovative Collaboration Model,
Professional After-sales Customer Service Team,
Domestic Complete Equipment Parts Warehouse

Layout Design and Installation Services
Equipment layout designing service is provided according to the practical condition to save every inch of space for our customers.

A full service suite of equipment installation and testing is provided so that our customers will receive a turn-key equipment.

AMIC provides PET/CT operation training to each customer to make sure smooth use of the equipments. Free extra training will also be available if the equipment operator is changed later. Nuclear medicine training plans have been launched based in a number of first-class Grade 3 hospitals to train nuclear medicine doctors for our customers.

Market Expanding
AMIC provides a full market expanding plan and promotional materials, including press conferences, brochures, medical cases, etc.

Periodic Maintenance
Professional periodic maintenance can make sure that all equipments are in satisfactory running conditions

For enquiries please call:400-890-5756
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