Beijing Arrays Medical Imaging Corporation (AMIC) is registered in the zhongguancun Fengtai hi-tech park, AMIC is specialized in high-tech medical molecular imaging device development, production and sales, with products including PET/CT, SPECTPET and animal multi-modality imaging device for new drug development and biomedical researches.

RAYSCAN-64 PET/CT scanner is newly developed by AMIC, it is an integrated PET and CT composite image apparatuses used for cancer, brain and heart disease diagnosis by effectively integrating the functional picture provided by the PET and the anatomical picture provided by the CTits performance characteristics are close to those of similar foreign products, and some are higher. The images provided from RAYSCAN-64 PET/CT scanner are clear with high-quality for disease diagnosis. In 2013, RAYSCAN-64 PET/CT has been passed through the clinical validation and won the consistent approval by the clinical doctors in PLA 301 hospital.

The market positioning of RAYSCAN-64 PET/CT is aim to domestic users and the users in the developing countries.

Successfully manufacturing of RAYSCAN-64 PET/CT is just the first step of AMIC, the company now begin the developing of 2nd generation PET/CT device, including the application of first-class assembling technics in LYSO fast crystal and TOF (time-of-flight) technology, which will lead to better PET/CT images.  

The company upholds “pursuit excellence, casting health” as its spirit, dedicating to all medical personnel and patients and providing its best quality of products and services, and strives to build first-class brand of nuclear medical devices, in order to revitalize national industry.

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